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Online Lessons From Certified Teaching Professional Joe Saia

Send In Videos:

Setup your OnForm Account through your personal invite link and share your videos with Joe. Submissions should include 2 videos, 1 from the target line view & 1 from the face on view. Submissions can include long game, short game, or putting videos. (1 submission per online lesson)

Share Feedback:

Include feedback with your submission using the private portal between you and Joe. Share with Joe any information you think is relevant for him to know to give you the best chance at achieving your goals.

Receive Full Video Analysis:

Joe will review your submission within 24 hours and share with you a full video analysis of the videos. The video analysis will include:

  • Clear Visuals 
  • Personalized Instruction
  • PGA or LPGA Tour Player Comparisons 
  • Voiceover Feedback 

Example Video Analysis

Receive Personalized Video:

Along with the full video analysis Joe will share with you a personalized video of him explaining exactly how to make the changes needed in your golf game. These videos will include personalized feedback, drills, and visuals that you can use to improve your golf game. 

Example Video

About Joe

Joe Saia is a Certified Teaching Professional and has spent time learning from some of the best instructors in the industry. Click the Learn More button to read more about Joe Saia & his teaching philosophy. 

Joe Saia Transition Golf MA

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Tips For Taking Videos

Target Line:

  • Camera should be around chest height 
  • Make sure camera is far enough back so that entire body and swing is in the video
  • Line the camera up so that the ball is in line with the target
  • Same tips apply for short game and putting videos 

Face On:

  • Camera should be around chest height 
  • Camera should be far enough back so that entire body & swing is in the video
  • Camera should be positioned in line with the middle of your chest
  • Same tips apply for short game & putting videos

Tips For Sending In Videos

Check out this video from OnForm explaining how to use the app to send in videos. *record your videos through the OnForm App for best results*

Price: $59.99 Per Submission

Package of 3 Submissions: $160 (10% Discount)

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