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Our Mission

Our mission is to help players of all skill levels TRANSITION from the player they are now, to the player they strive to be. 

We strive to not just help players improve, but to also create lasting relationships with our students. Our students will walk away from the lesson tee knowing exactly how to improve their game based on their own personal needs and goals.

About Joe

Joe Saia has been passionate about the game of golf ever since he was introduced to the game over 12 years ago.

Joe was raised in the town of Burlington which is 20 minutes north of Boston and regularly played in junior golf tournaments in the New England area during his junior years. Along with playing in NEPGA Junior tournaments he was a member of the Burlington High School Golf Team, helping them win division titles each year he was on the team. During Joe’s junior and senior year he was voted Middlesex League Allstar along with being a team captain his senior year.


Joe’s love of golf brought him to sunny Miami, Florida where he attended Johnson and Wales University, studying entrepreneurship. He was a member of the JWU North Miami Golf Team where they were ranked among the top 25 college golf teams in the country. Joe graduated Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales University in 2022 with a degree in Business Administration.


Joe has always had an interest in the golf swing and enjoyed teaching the game of golf. This interest led him to pursue a career in golf instruction and become committed to learning as much as he can about being a top instructor. Joe knew he needed to learn from the best so this led him to go work at The Jim Mclean Golf School at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL. The Jim Mclean Golf School is highly regarded as one of the best golf schools in the world. During his time at the school he worked as the Lead Assistant Instructor along with successfully completing the rigorous Jim Mclean Teaching Certification. Joe was also able to shadow some of the best golf instructors in the country, including Jim Mclean himself. He now uses this experience to teach golfers of all skill levels.

Transition Golf Joe Saia
Joe Saia MA Golf Lessons

What I Teach

I believe that the most important lesson I learned from working at The Jim Mclean Golf School is that every student is unique, so their instruction should be unique to them. You cannot teach every student the same way because every situation is different and every student learns differently. There is no strict method to teaching golf because every student has different goals and capabilities. That is why I have learned to use a system for teaching golf which is based on a set of fundamentals. These fundamentals were discovered by Jim Mclean and his staff and include what the majority of the best players in the world do in their golf swings. Every level of player can benefit from having these fundamentals in their golf swing. Using a system and not a strict method allows me to teach in a way that keeps every student’s swing unique to them and their capabilities.

With the use of video analysis I will show all of my students what they are doing in their golf swing and what they should be doing instead by putting your swing side by side with a top professional. In my teaching I put a lot of emphasis on what the majority of the best players in the world are doing in their golf swings. I want my students to clearly understand what they are doing wrong in their game and what the correct way looks like, or the way that will give that particular student the best chance at success. All of my students will leave the lesson tee knowing exactly what they need to do in their swing or game to reach their goals.


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In-season Months:

All in-person services take place at Black Swan Country Club in Georgetown, MA

Offseason Months:

All in-person services take place at Big Sticks Golf in Burlington, MA

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