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Written By Joe Saia

If you live in a place where the golf courses are closed during the winter months then it can be difficult to keep your game sharp until the courses open back up. But that doesn’t mean its impossible and it definitely doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your golf game over the winter. If you find yourself struggling to get your game back in shape after a long winter then try these tips to keep improving this winter.


Mirror Work

You don’t have to spend money renting time at a fancy indoor facility to improve your golf game this winter. A simple mirror and some space to move around will do just fine. One of the best things you can do for your golf game is to do some body drills using a mirror to check your positions. I recommend this to a lot of my students when they are trying to improve certain positions in their golf swing. The mirror will give you the feedback you need to make corrections and help you feel whats real. 


You don’t even need to use a club for these drills to make a difference in your game. You can fold your arms across your chest and start working on different parts of the golf swing. Take some time to look at good players during key parts of the golf swing like at setup, the takeaway, impact, delivery position, and the finish. Then start working on your own positions while looking in the mirror and making corrections. Slowing down the golf swing and looking at each position in the mirror even just once a week during the winter will help you tremendously when the courses open back up. 

Golf Specific Stretching

During the winter you’re not taking as many swings so your body can tend to lose the mobility and flexibility you need in order to swing the club well. The winter is a great time to work on improving your mobility and flexibility so you’re ready to make a lot more swings when the courses open back up. Improving your mobility and flexibility doesn’t just help you swing a golf club better but it can also help prevent injuries. 



Tom Hemming’s is a fitness instructor at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center in Georgia. This article written by him below is a great starting point for anyone looking to start a stretching routine this winter. 

If you can improve your swing positions this winter, along with increasing mobility and flexibility then you will definitely be ready to play a lot of great golf when the courses open back up. The tips above can be done right from your home. If you have resources like an indoor facility or a covered driving range nearby to you then you should definitely take advantage of those over the winter.


I am lucky enough to have access to a facility in Salem, MA during the winter to give lessons to students. The facility is open throughout the winter and has heated hitting bays. Online lessons are also a very useful and cost effective service if you are looking to improve over the winter. 


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