Benefits of Video Analysis


Written By Joe Saia

I want to give you some insight into one of the ways I’ve learned to teach students from shadowing some of the best instructors in the golf industry. More importantly, I want to explain to you the benefits of using video analysis and why every serious player should be looking at their game on video if they want to improve. 

Benefits During Lessons

I use video analysis a lot during lessons and it has a lot of benefits for the student. Below are some reasons why the use of video enhances the student experience during lessons:

  •  Video allows me to slow the students swing down in order to look at each section of the swing. This is important when trying to identify problem areas in the students swing and what might be causing issues with contact, ball flight, etc. 
  • By using video I can show the student exactly what they are doing in their golf swing at that time. A lot of students struggle to truly understand what they are doing in their swing in that moment. They may feel like they are making a certain movement, but that movement could be completely different than what they are actually doing. 
  • The use of pro comparisons allows me to show the student what they should be doing in a certain part of their swing, instead of what they are doing now. I can tell the student what they are doing wrong but it means nothing if they do not understand what the right way looks like. 
  • Sometimes students may feel like they are making the change needed in their swing but aren’t actually doing it to the extent that they should be. Video allows the student to see if they are truly doing something they need to be doing to get better, instead of just feeling like they are. 

OnForm Video Analysis App

Transition Golf Online Lessons Onform

When giving lessons I use the OnForm Video Analysis App to provide an enhanced experience for my students. The app has a lot of great features, below are some of those features and why they can benefit the student:

  •  The app utilizes shutter speed to record videos which makes the club face and club extremely clear during a full swing. This feature allows myself and the student to see exactly how the club face is moving during the swing. 
  • Side by side comparisons are a great feature on the app and they allow me to compare different parts of a players swing to a top professionals swing. Players typically find these visuals very effective and useful. 
  • Each student will have their own profile on the app by using the invite link that I send to them. This profile provides a private portal between the student and myself for communication and storing videos.  
  • The voiceover/screen record feature on the app allows me to make personalized videos for the student explaining what we worked on in the lesson. The student will always have access to these videos in their profile after the lesson to reference back to. 

Why Players Should Take Video's

When taking video's it's important to get good camera angles. Using a tripod like the one in this picture can help with taking good quality video's. Click on the picture to purchase this exact tripod and get 10% OFF by using code "TG10"

Now that I have explained to you why I use video analysis in my teaching and a little about the OnForm Video Analysis App, I want to explain to you why every serious player should be taking videos of their game when they practice. When I invite students to join me on the OnForm App they get access to a lot of the features on the app for free. Here are some reasons why you should be using those features to your advantage: 

  •  One of my goals when I get a student in for a lesson is to teach the student about the golf swing and what the correct positions look like. Students can use this knowledge to self correct in the future with the help of video analysis. They’ll be able to identify problem areas in their swing on their own. 
  • All of my students will have access to the personalized videos I make for them after their lesson. They’ll get to watch these videos on their own when they are practicing and take videos on their own to make sure they are making the necessary changes in their game, instead of guessing. 
  • Students will have the ability to store videos in their profile in order to look back on older videos to track improvement. This is particularly helpful when a player starts to play poorly because they can look back at videos when they were hitting the ball well and look for clues as to why they stopped hitting the ball well.

I hope this post gives you some insight into how I use video analysis and the benefits it gives students. I also hope that I have inspired you to take more videos of your swing when you are practicing! 

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